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Blueberry Jam Video

Here at Pomona's, we were impressed with Vanessa Vargas Wilson's Blueberry Jam video. In the video, she teaches how to make Low-Sugar Blueberry Jam with Pomona's. We think it is worth sharing -- thanks Vanessa!

There is one thing we do differently from Vanessa in regard to jar filling and processing. We fill a jar, put the lid on, and set it aside until all the jars are ready. Then we add them all together to the boiling water in the canner. As soon as the water gets back to a rolling boil, set the timer for the proper processing time. The reason for this is that if the pectin is exposed to heat for too long, it will break down and won't be able to jell the jam.

Vanessa & Family
Vanessa & Family


When you click the link below, it will take you to her Low-Sugar Blueberry Jam video on YouTube in a new window/tab. Then come back and explore our Pomona's website some more.

Here is Vanessa, making Low-Sugar Blueberry Jam.

Vanessa is also known as The Crafty Gemini and does many other DIY craft videos on her Crafty Gemini YouTube channel.

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4 Responses

  1. Joy
    | Reply

    I love Pomona’s Pectin and I love Vanessa! Thanks to all of you for the great work and products.

    • Mary Lou Sumberg
      | Reply

      Hi Joy,
      Thank you so much for sharing your love of Pomona’s and of Vanessa. She does seem like a very special person. And she did such a great job on her blueberry jam video!

      Thanks for using Pomona’s Pectin — and happy jamming!

  2. Vanessa
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for featuring my video! Great tip for the processing. I will definitely do it your way next time especially when I make larger batches that take me more than a couple of minutes to fill. Thanks!

    • Mary Lou Sumberg
      | Reply

      Glad to be connected with you Vanessa — here’s to a low-sugar jam future!

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