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Tomato Jam

Tomato Jam is a low-sugar or low-honey cooked jam made with Pomona’s Universal Pectin. Pomona’s Pectin contains no sugar or preservatives and jells reliably with low amounts of any sweetener.


Option for Tomato-Chili Jam:
In Step 4, add 2 Tablespoons finely chopped & tightly packed fresh basil leaves and 1 teaspoon chili powder and 4 dashes of salt. Proceed with the rest of the recipe.
Option for Spiced Tomato Jam:
In Step 4, any or all of these spices could be added: ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon, ⅛ teaspoon ground cloves, ¼ teaspoon ground allspice.
Servings 3 cups


  • 2 cups chopped crushed ripe tomatoes
  • 2 teaspoons calcium water see step #1
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice bottled
  • 1 Tablespoon grated lemon peel optional
  • ¼ cup up to ½ cup honey or ½ cup up to1 cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons Pomona’s Pectin mixed with sweetener


  • Before you begin, prepare calcium water.
    To do this, combine ½ teaspoon calcium powder (in the small packet in your box of Pomona’s pectin) with ½ cup water in a small, clear jar with a lid. Shake well.
    Extra calcium water should be stored in the refrigerator for future use.
  • Wash jars, lids, and bands. Place jars in canner, fill canner 2/3 full with water, bring to a boil. Turn off heat, cover, and keep jars in hot canner water until ready to use. Place lids in water in a small sauce pan; cover and heat to a low boil. Turn off heat and keep lids in hot water until ready to use.
  • Wash, core, chop, and crush tomatoes; or wash, peel, core, chop, and crush tomatoes.
  • Measure chopped, crushed tomatoes into sauce pan.
  • Add calcium water, lemon juice, and grated lemon peel (if using) and mix well.
  • Measure sugar or room temperature honey into a bowl. Thoroughly mix pectin powder into sweetener. Set aside.
  • Bring tomato mixture to a full boil. Add pectin-sweetener mixture, stirring vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes to dissolve the pectin while the jam comes back up to a boil. Once the jam returns to a full boil, remove it from the heat.
  • Fill hot jars to ¼” of top. Wipe rims clean. Screw on 2-piece lids. Put filled jars in boiling water to cover. Boil 10 minutes (add 1 minute more for every 1,000 ft. above sea level). Remove from water. Let jars cool. Check seals; lids should be sucked down. Eat within 1 year. Lasts 3 weeks once opened.

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12 Responses

  1. Carrie
    | Reply

    will this recipe work with green tomatoes?

    • Shelby Collings
      | Reply

      You sure can!

  2. Cindy
    | Reply

    I’m gonna try this with tomatillos and some jalapeño peppers. I’m guessing I’ll want more sugar, since tomatillos are more acid. Any advice would be welcome.

  3. Ally
    | Reply

    Could I add any spices to this recipe? Like dried oregano, thyme or rosemary?

    Thank you

    • Shelby Collings
      | Reply

      You sure can! You could add up to 1 teaspoon of each of those.

      • Ally
        | Reply

        Hi Shelby! Thanks for your response. Just to confirm- I can substitute up to 1tsp TOTAL of either dried oregano, thyme or rosemary (or a combination of) to the basil/chili alteration? Leaving out the chili as well?

        Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try this

        • Shelby Collings
          | Reply

          You may use up to 1 teaspoon of each of the spices you listed.

          • Ally

            Oh that’s fantastic! could onion powder or garlic powder on a separate batch with no herbs? To make like a ‘ketchup’ – could the tomatos be blended up as well?

            This is such an exciting

  4. Annee
    | Reply

    I’m not sure if you forgot to include this step or if I misread your recipe. Shouldn’t the skins be removed from the tomatoes before making the jam? I always remove the skins when I can tomatoes. Maybe it doesn’t make any difference?
    Thank you,

    • Shelby Collings
      | Reply

      Either one is just fine Annee! Happy jamming 😊

  5. Jan
    | Reply

    Hello Pomonas Pectin:
    I made the Tomato Jam recipe today and it is delicious. I doubled the recipe (all ingredients) and ended up with 4 and 1/2 cups of jam, not 6 cups. Is there possibly a miscalculation with the recipe amount of tomatoes?

    • Shelby Collings
      | Reply

      That is possible, it could also be that you used less sugar or that you the tomatoes got boiled down.

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