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Pomona Pectin – 1 lb. Bag

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Low-methoxyl pectin for low or no-sweetener jam and jelly; includes packet of monocalcium phosphate and instruction sheet.

Makes up to 360 half pint jars*

*Number of batches and jars depends on fruit used and whether you are making jam or jelly. Jelly requires more pectin than jam and some fruits require more pectin than others to jell. Our instructions make it clear how much pectin to use.

7 reviews for Pomona Pectin – 1 lb. Bag

  1. Jennifer Clowers

    Just tried Pomona Pectin for the first time today! Ive made lots of jams and jellies over the years. Today I was very pleased I could make big batches and the directions made it super easy to get the sugar pectin ratio right every batch. All 50 jars have set and I’m super happy that they are all low sugar. The fruit flavor is amazing. I will be using this pectin and recommending it from here on out!!

    • Shelby Collings (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Jennifer! Happy jamming!!

  2. Debora Fudge (verified owner)

    I am a professional jam maker with my own small company – and I’ve been using Pomona Pectin for years. My customers love the lower sugar recipes and all of my batches have been perfect. I can scale up batches if I want and the jams still set. Plus Pomona’s has great customer service! And the pectin is shipped very quickly. I can’t recommend this company enough.

  3. Hendrik Ohldag (verified owner)

    We have been using Pomona’s Pectin for years, but usually in smaller quantities. This year due to having our own trees but also thanks to fruit donations from many many neighbors we made about 200 lbs of jam, without a single fail. Everybody loves the jam, because it taste like fruit and not like sugar and everybody prefers tart over sweet. I always mix, fruit with wine. Cherry plum with sake is heavenly. Whether I have 10 cups of fruit or 20 cups of fruit, I use a maximum of one cup of agave syrup to dissolve the pectin.

    • Shelby Collings (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Hendrik! We are so happy to be a small part of making your community love the fine art of jamming!

  4. Kathy Mead

    Pomona’s Pectin is terrific! I have been making jam for home use, gifts, and for sale at my brother’s farm markets for many years. It’s so helpful to have the flexibility to make the batches larger and adjust the sweetness without compromising the quality of the jam. Our favorite is Traffic Jam which includes all the fruit that my brother grows (raspberries, strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, and blueberries) I highly recommend Pomona’s!!

    • Shelby Collings (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Kathy!!

  5. Dixie Ricker

    Oh, and my original purchase of a 1-lb bag has lasted me for home use for quite a while. If our jam-stand venture takes off, I’ll certainly be ordering more, and more frequently!

  6. Dixie Ricker

    I completely agree with Elizabeth. We like *tart* jams and jellies, not sweet, so we can taste the fruit. This Pomona Pectin never fails me. It’s the only pectin I’ll ever use! Highest recommendation. My neightborhood fruit-stand lady has just recruited me to make small-batch runs of 4-berry jam for her to sell. Her berries are in season now in SoCal, and fantastic, so I guess I’m an entrepreneur again! We’ll be recommending Pomona Pectin to whomever asks about my jams in our joint-venture! Wish us luck!

    • Shelby Collings (verified owner)

      Thank you SO much Dixie!!

  7. Elizabeth Grismer

    This is a fantastic product and I have never had a batch fail due to sugar;pectin ration being off, I am able to scale recipes successfully. The lower sugar recipes are packed with fruit and are not overly sweet. I appreciate this being diabetic., Cannot recommend this product enough.

    • Shelby Collings

      Thank you so much Elizabeth!!

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