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Pomona Pectin – Two 1 oz. Boxes

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Low-methoxyl pectin for low or no-sweetener jam and jelly; includes packet of monocalcium phosphate and instruction sheet.

Makes up to 45 half pint jars*

*Number of batches and jars depends on fruit used and whether you are making jam or jelly. Jelly requires more pectin than jam and some fruits require more pectin than others to jell. Our instructions make it clear how much pectin to use.

3 reviews for Pomona Pectin – Two 1 oz. Boxes

  1. DD

    I just made strawberry jam and as a sweetener only used orange juice
    It turned out great and no sugar! or any other preservatives
    So happy I found this Pomona’s Universal Pectin

  2. Jane

    Love Pomona’s Pectin. We did dewberry jelly and it worked great. So glad we could use less sugar! Need a recipe to make my honeysuckle jelly with the Pomona.

  3. Ken Prom

    I was given Pomona’s Universal Pectin as a gift from my sister in Washington. I used it with native American sour plums. Even though some of the plums were still green, I only used 2-1/2 cups sugar (to taste) in 4 cups of plum sauce! The other pectin recipe called for 7 cups of sugar! I followed the pectin recipe and as soon as the jam cooled, it gelled into a spreadable smooth jam. Thank you Pomona’s!

    • Shelby Collings (verified owner)

      SO wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

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