The Jam (S)Pot: More About Earthly Delights Farm

Kona’s Earthly Delights Farm, on the Big Island of Hawaii, grows over 75 types of organic tropical fruit – papaya, mango, passion fruit, figs, dragon fruit, and more – as well as coffee, chocolate, macadamia nuts, and regular old produce.

They sell 100% Kona Coffee, Macadamia Nuts, Yummy Tropical Fruit Jams, Lillikoi Butter, dried Hawaiian Bananas, Chocolate Bars, and home made tropical pastries and cookies, among other things.

Dragon Fruit, which they grow, is not actually native to Hawaii, which means its natural pollinator is not present and it must be pollinated by hand. The flowers bloom for one night, and if not pollinated that night, there will be no fruit. The flowers are yellow and white, but the fruits are pink, red, or white inside. Bonnie says that Dragon Fruit doesn’t have an intense flavor and is only slightly sweet, so it took her a few tries with Pomona’s and lime juice to get the exact right proportions for a yummy jam.

How do Bonnie and Bacci accomplish all of their chores? Well, they work hard, but they also have interns through the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) program. In addition to teaching the interns how to start a garden and grow their own food, they teach the interns how important diversification is to farming today. The interns keep a journal of what they do every day and now have started a photo project on the farm’s Facebook Page about their experience and accomplishments.

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