Jam, Jelly, Sauce, Syrup — What’s the Difference?

It’s easy to make sauces and syrups from Pomona’s jam and jelly recipes. But first, how are sauces and syrups different from jams and jellies?

Jam is made from mashed fruit.

Jelly is made from just the juice of the fruit.

Sauce is made from mashed fruit but uses less pectin than jam and is less jelled.

Syrup is made from either mashed fruit or just the juice of the fruit, but uses even less pectin than sauce so it is slightly jelled and pourable.

You’ll find instructions for making Fruit Sauce and Fruit Syrup on the Recipe page of our website in the Miscellaneous section.

As with Pomona's Jam & Jelly recipes, you can halve or quarter the recipe to make just one or two jars of syrup or sauce for immediate consumption. The syrups and sauces will last for 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Just remember to do your math! And use a half or a quarter amount of the pectin you've already halved or quartered.

I learned the hard way it is best to do the math and write it all down before you start.

For additional reading pleasure, check out Gina Barber’s fun and funny story: “The Mystery of the Disappearing Syrup.”

child eating ice cream with syrup

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And here is the story of Paul Rooney's Big Birthday and how we got sauced -- low-sweetener fruit sauced, that is!

ice cream with limoncello sauce
Ice cream with Limoncello Sauce
Photo by Paul Rooney


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2 Responses

  1. Eric Chan
    | Reply

    But is jam a sauce? pls respond A.S.A.P !!!

    • Shelby Collings
      | Reply

      Hello Eric,

      Jam is not a sauce, a sauce is more of a maple syrup consistency.

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