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CanningCraft Creates: Raspberry-Habanero Jam

By Allison Carroll Duffy

Allison Carroll Duffy
Allison Carroll Duffy

Three years ago, we planted a good-sized raspberry patch in our back yard, and finally this year we are getting a good crop of fruit. The bushes are so loaded that it’s hard to keep up with the picking. It’s a good problem to have, of course, and we are all enjoying the bounty immensely.

With lots of berries for fresh eating, and some in the freezer already, a jam seemed in order this week. I love straight-up raspberry jam, but this time I thought I’d try something a little different and add some hot pepper – habanero, to be exact.

Habaneros are very hot, which is one reason I like to use them – a little goes a long way in terms of heat. I also love their orange color, which looks lovely when combined with red raspberries. . . .

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Raspberry-Habanero Jam Recipe Only Here.

The Jam (S)Pot
Puts the Spotlight on a Pomona’s Jam Maker

Níca’s Jams & Jellies Follows the Gold Brick Road!"

Monica in her booth
Monica in her booth at the Farmers' Market.

Ever thought of those jars of homemade jam sitting on your shelf as Gold Bricks? That’s exactly what Moníca Pugh thought the day she visited her local farmers’ market after making a batch of Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam at home a few years ago. She saw vendors selling jam like she had just finished making. “I felt like I had just made gold bricks and they were sitting at home!” she said.

From that insightful moment has grown Níca’s Jams & Jellies. Currently Moníca’s products are made in her home kitchen in Sioux Falls, SD . . . Continue reading about Níca’s Jams & Jellies here.

Moníca's Blue Ribbon Award Winning No-Sugar Triple Berry Jam recipe, made with xylitol, here.

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