June = Jam Time = Pomona’s Giveaway!

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We will choose 2 winners; each will receive 3 prizes.


From Pomona's: Preserving with Pomona's Pectin, by Allison Carroll Duffy

book cover Preserving with Pomona's Pectin

From Pomona's: A box of Pomona's Pectin

box of Pomona's Pectin

From our friends at Fillmore Container: 1 pack of four 8 oz fruited jam jars with metal lids and rings and winner's choice of color for one plastic iLID for an open jar.

Ball_8_oz_fruited jam jar


This Giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, 18 years and older. Everyone gets 2 free entries; additional entries are also possible.

The entry dates are from June 15 through June 22, 2016.

Winners will be randomly chosen. We will email the winners to send us their mailing address, and they will have 48 hours to respond or we will choose new winners. The names of the winners will be posted on this Pomona's Pectin website blog and on our Facebook Page as soon as possible after the giveaway ends.

Enter the Giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget above. If you've never entered a Rafflecopter giveaway, click here for a video of how it works.

Leaving a comment on this blog post does not enter you into the Giveaway. But we do love your comments if you care to make one.

This Giveaway is also being hosted on:

Fillmore Container's blog

Allison Carroll Duffy's CanningCraft blog

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20 Responses

  1. christa brendel
    | Reply

    Yes please,pretty please, I’d just love to win.

  2. Brenda Hoppert
    | Reply

    Been wanting to try Pomona’s Pectin, would love to win!!!

  3. Gene Black
    | Reply

    I have been looking at Pomona’s Pectin for a while. If I win this it would be a great introduction to your product.

  4. Joan Bayley
    | Reply

    The jars are adorable! Would love to start making jam.

  5. Fernie VITENSE
    | Reply

    Love the jars and love all the Pomona’s jam recipes. Hope I can win. I told all my Facebook friends about the Giveaway.

  6. Robin Reisig
    | Reply

    Love Pomona’s; have used it for years. You have totally spoiled me for any other pectin. Easy to use, totally customizable as to batch size, and most important as to sweetness content. My husband and I prefer jams and jellies that taste mostly like the fruit in them. I make them up and freeze them in small batches and they taste fresh as can be. So glad we found you!

  7. Jacqueline Gates
    | Reply

    Pomona’s Pectin has given me the confidence to try so many new and exciting jam recipes. Thanks so much!

  8. Judy Schnitzler
    | Reply

    Very anxious to try out your products.

  9. Kari Guthrie
    | Reply

    Love Pomonas !
    Looking forward to making my annual batch of wild blackberry jam!

  10. Gloria Noelker
    | Reply

    This is my first year of canning and was a little nervous about the whole process. I tried a box of pectin purchased from our local store but wasn’t really happy with the results. So, I did a search on-line and found Pomona’s Pectin site. I read everything there and decided to order. I am so very happy with the results and will continue using Pomona’s Pectin. What also encouraged me was the great customer service. I had questions so made contact and got my answers very quickly. Great product and great customer service.

  11. barbara davide
    | Reply

    Used Pomona last season and was very pleased with the results.

  12. barbara davide
    | Reply

    Do you have any recipes that can be used with the Ball Jam and Jelly maker using Pomona pectin?

    • Mary Lou Sumberg
      | Reply

      Hi Barbara,
      Yes, you should be able to make any Pomona’s recipe in your Ball Jam & Jelly Maker.

      You can click on this link to go to an FAQ about this on our website:

      And here is the content of that FAQ:

      Can I use Pomona’s Pectin to make jam in my electric jam maker or bread machine?
      Yes, you can use Pomona’s to make jam in your electric jam maker or bread machine. You will need to follow a Pomona’s recipe and the basic directions for Cooked Jam – Low Sugar or Honey for it to work properly.

      You need to mash & measure the fruit into a bowl. If our recipe is too big for your machine, then you can do a half recipe. Add the calcium water & lemon juice (if called for) and stir well. Then mix the pectin into the sugar (or other sweetener) and then add the pectin-sweetener mix into the bowl of fruit and stir well. Then put the bowl of jam mixture into the machine and turn it on.

      << See All Pomona's FAQs Posted in: 6. Questions About Jam-Making Equipment and Water Bath Canning I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you need more information.

  13. Carol Sue Piros
    | Reply

    Love this time of year canning with Pomona Pectin for my Christmas gift baskets! Going to do rhubarb, peach and lemon this month. Have already done strawberry, blueberry and some apple butter. Enjoy receiving new recipe ideas from “Jam notes” too. Great product and fine folks who provide it for all of us! Happy canning!

  14. Am
    | Reply

    I love these jars. Hope I win!

  15. Cheryl Neruda
    | Reply

    I love this opportunity! Plus, I love Pomona Pectin! The raspberries are on so it is time to get jammin’!

  16. Cori
    | Reply

    What an awesome giveaway, thank you for the chance to win it.

  17. ColleenB.~Texas
    | Reply

    Thank You for this great opportunity.
    If I could I would, but I don’t do facebook or tweet

    • Mary Lou Sumberg
      | Reply

      Hi Colleen,
      For all of our Giveaways, there are always 2 free entries for everybody that don’t require FB or Twitter, but you do have to sign in to the Rafflecopter widget to get those 2 free entries. You don’t need FB or Twitter to sign in, but you do need to use your email address. You can sign in and take your 2 free entries and not do the other things. I hope this helps — and I hope you enter!

  18. Terry Sawyer
    | Reply

    I was so wanting to try out Pomona’s Pectin this year with strawberries from my new patch–alas, a groundhog wanted them more. Now waiting for my blueberries to ripen!

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