Jam Notes: Winter Jam Greetings — Cold Comfort Jelly

February 2014

Greetings from the Frozen North -- Let's Make Jam!

digging out of very deep snow

We at Pomona's hope that you are surviving this historic winter. For a little diversion from shoveling snow, we bring you some great jam recipes.

Allison Carroll Duffy, from Maine, brings us Cold Comfort Jelly; and Becky Hoff, from Minnesota, shares recipes for Rose Hip Jam and Jam Cake -- perfect for Valentine's Day.

CanningCraft Creates: Cold Comfort Jelly

By Allison Carroll Duffy, Author of Preserving with Pomona's Pectin (Fair Winds Press, June 2013)

Cold Comfort JellyWhen I was a kid, whenever my siblings or I were in bed with a cough, sore throat, or otherwise nasty cold, my stepmom would make us a big mug of honey-lemon-ginger "tea." Nothing more than boiling water and lemon juice infused with ginger root and sweetened with a bit of honey, it was a simple concoction, but it provided welcome comfort -- at least a little bit -- when we were sick.

When I met my husband, I learned that he had long relied on a similar anti-cold brew that also included garlic and cayenne pepper . . . Because we drink this tea a lot, I thought it would be handy to adapt it into a jelly -- a tea "concentrate" of sorts. . . .

CanningCraft Creates: Cold Comfort Jelly: Complete blog post with recipe from Allison Carroll Duffy

Cold Comfort Jelly: Recipe only

Harmony Garden Club — Learn, Jam, Eat

By Becky Hoff

Becky at the Garden ClubThe Harmony Garden Club meets once a month to discuss all things garden related: vegetable gardening, fruit trees, landscaping, straw bale gardening, cooking with fresh herbs, garden art -- you name it, we’ve talked about it. The club serves as a study group for those who want to learn about and promote amateur gardening. As a member for the last three years, I can testify that I have learned a lot from the wealth of knowledge and talent in this group! So I was quite flattered when asked to lead a discussion on home canning. . . .

Read Becky's complete article with links to recipes. Or go directly to recipes for Rose Hip Jam, Blue Spice Rombauer Jam Cake, and Any Kind of Jam & Oatmeal Bars.

See the complete, original Jam Notes.

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